The Book of the Natal Angel

Finding the name of your Natal Angel, and other Angels from your astrological Natal Chart.

For those who may be treading the angelic path, it is only natural to seek your “Nativity or Natal Angel”. This angel watches over you daily and may guide to to better things.

This angel has also guided you silently and perhaps once, out of nowhere you have heard a voice within, speaking silently giving you advice. This work is gives you the knowledge by showing practicle examples the various methods to generate your Natal Angels name, evaluate talismanic angels names also derived from your natal chart and how to create a dedicated talisman to your own Natal Angel. All the methods have used examples by the work of Paul Chiltern, and I wish to thank him for agreeing to let me use the example Natal Analysis he used in his excellent work: The Angelic and Planetary Magick of Cornelius Agrippa published by Archan Publishing. So, for those of you who do not have a natal chart, this is your first objective to calculate one or have one calculated for you. This work covers the following areas:

1. The Natal Chart
2. The Ascendant Lemegeton Method
3. The Traditional Hylegian (Arabian) Method
4.The Almuten of Figure Method
5. The Agrippa Method
6. The Talismanic Angel Method
7. Creating a Zodiacal Talismanic Angel Method
8. Creating Hierarchical Angel Names with the Table of Ziruph
9. A Word on the Evil Angels
10. Gematria
11. Creating the Natal Angel Talisman
12. The Ritual


You should note that you will need access to an astrological programme in order to cast your Natal Chart, or have someone else produce it on your behalf. The eBook however, also give links to where free astrological software may be downloaded. The eBook does NOT teach you how to master astrological programmes or philiosophy.

In order to calculate the Natal Angels name in some of the presented methods you will need a table of Astrological Tables to Hebrew Letters Chart. Archan Publishing will email you this table in Excel format if you request, or you may download it by clicking here.

Updated May 2022. Formatting and text updates.


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