The Angelic and Planetary Magick of Cornelius Agrippa

The works of Agrippa have hugely influence Western Tradition. Much of this magickal philosophy has been adopted as normal in all magickal practices here in the West.

However, when reading Agrippa’s works, much is couched in philosophical theory and the history and practices of other traditions. What the reader really wants is to get to the meat of the subject. This is what I have tried to do.

Yes, I have included much of his translated words without alteration, except for clarification and spelling. The reason for this is that the background of his text is still required in many cases to ensure the reader understands what he is attempting to apply from a ritualistic perspective.

So much has been eliminated, but much has been retained for a fuller understanding of the concept that Agrippa is trying to explain.

This is a complete magockal systems, now simplified. The text include the art of talisman creation based on Agrippa's information. This is a good starting point for those wo wish to put their first steps on a mystical journey.

Paul Chiltern

May 2019



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