Origin: Early 16th century: from late Latin, from Latin cornu copiae 'horn of plenty' (a mythical horn able to provide whatever is desired).

In this section we have collected a list of those website which we believe will assist you in your studies and therefore provide you with what you desire, or your CORNACOPIA. We receive many emails asking where to get specific gems, oils and metals used in your studies, and listed in our eBooks. So we have listed information sites and suppliers of magickal implements. Please note we have no association with these sites, they are listed as recommended from our readers, our own personal experience, and appropriate submissions. Many of the magical implement sites are located in the UK, but this does not stop American companies from requesting a link. However selection of these sites is stringent, and we offer no explanation for rejection, your site may or may not appear.

Websites "Archangels and Angels" naturally the best information website for all things angelic
Herbs and Plants  
  Alchemy Works (USA) excellent reference site for all things herbal
  British Wild Flower Plants Online Shop
  Wild Flowers of Ireland
Gems and Stones  
  Gem Collector
  Gemstone UK
  Cooks on Gold
Incense and Oils
  Essential Oils Direct
  White Rose Essential Oils


Please Note: We have no influence over the content of the above links and therefore cannot accept any responsibility for content which may not align with your beliefs, sexuality or culture.