The Book of Magickal Kameas

Magick squares became very popular in Europe during the middle ages. One of the main characters responsible for this was the occultist Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535), who studied law, theology, philosophy, and the Kabbalah at university. Apparently Agrippa secretly formed a group of students who also studied magick and alchemy. He is famous for his work Three Books Concerning Occult Philosophy.

The use of Kamea as a talisman has grown since Cornelius Agrippa drew attention to them as magickal objects, and many modern practitioners have followed this trend. They give the figures of a few Kamea, most commonly of the orders 3 to 9 associated with the seven then known planets which indicated that the Kamea may embody  good or evil, qualities.

In this work I cover the following:

1.0 Introduction.
2.0 Mystical Magick Squares.
3.0 Magickal Squares – Kamea.
4.0 Agrippa Kameas.
5.0 Agrippa Planetary Seals.
6.0 Agrippa Planetary Intelligences & Spirits.
7.0 Divine Names.
8.0 Draw Your Own Sigils.
9.0 Creating Your Personal Kamea.
10.0 When and When Not to Create Kameas.
11.0 Powers of the Planets.
12.0 Kameas and Talismans.
13.0 The Ritual of Consecration.
14.0 The Abra-Melin the Mage Squares.

Angelus Veneficus
January 2023


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