The Book of Feminine

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This work is presented for those female seekers who wish to follow a spiritual path. That is not to say that males may not put into practice the techniques and advice contained within, they can! But before we step into the chapters I would like to point out that the eBooks title The Book of Feminine, is based on the traditional occult concept of duality i.e., dark/light, day/night, hot/cold and therefore also Male/Femail. I do not wish to get entangled in gender issues as these are not part of the path working tradition. The intention of this eBook is to assist females (or whatever gender classification a person may adopt) to start a spiritual journey.

I will be addressing all issues from a feminine perspective. However, I hope any reader is not offended by my term for addressing the angels in the masculine i.e., him. We all know that angels are neither male of female I use the term to simplify reference only.

Much of the available literature on occult practices, that is aligned to women, is witchcraft. It is my experience that not all women wish to be initiated into the wicca tradition, but many wish to tread a path that although uniquely feminine, may also be individual to the female, and customed to her spiritual needs and interests. The ebook covers:

Chapter. Introduction.
Chapter 2. Birth Angels.
Chapter 3. Working with your Birth Angels & Spirituality.
Chapter 4. Spiritual Diary.
Chapter 5. The Altar.
Chapter 6. Candles.
Chapter 7. Incense  or Essential Oils.
Chapter 8. Herbs.
Chapter 9. Beauty.
Chapter 10. Charms and Talismans.
Chapter 11. Simple Protection Rituals.
Chapter 12. Additional Information Which May be Useful.

Angela Ingham

July 2023.


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