The Book of Lumiel - Archangel of Earth.

Who is Lumiel?

That is what this book is about, to try to discover the origins of the Archangel Lumiel As you will see from my research there is very little information about this elusive archangel, and what is known, or proposed, is in many ways contradictory, and in some case extremely misleading.

Some of what you are about to read may appear controversial, and it is! Mainly because for hundred of years, many Biblical misinterpretations have been ignored and these apparent incontrovertible facts have never been seriously analyzed.

I am not a Biblical scholar, and have not spent many years studying the Bible and its derivatives, I do find the Bible difficult to follow in many cases, and have tried with a little research, internet, searching and commonsense, put together a case for you to consider. Accept it or reject it, the choice is yours.

Lumiel the angel for the protection of soul, body emotions and the mind, He protects the soul from separation and dis-empowerment, the body from ill health, and the mind and emotions from damage and negative vibrations.

Besides uncovering what is known about Lumiel, the Magick of Lumiel is also covered, which include Lumiel's protective talisman.

Note: This work may offend certain people with traditional religious beliefs. If you cannot view the eBook content with an open mind, then please DO NOT purchase it.

3rd Edition: clarifications, legal conditions, formatting and text updates.

Angelus Veneficus and James Simpson



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