The Book of The Mansions of the Moon

A lunar mansion is a number of astrological houses through which the moon moves in its orbit around the earth, to which there 13 lunar months each year. In Arabic astrology, the 28 mansions of the moon, describe the 28 days of the lunar cycle, so the moon travels through a different mansion each day of the month.

The mansions are all the same: 12 degrees 51 minutes and 26 seconds. Each quadrant shares the same cycle of seven mansions: whose positions start at the Vernal Equinox (the Aries point) using the tropical (Western) zodiac. So the cycle starts at 0 degrees on a Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) using the tropical zodiac, and often used by ancient man as part of their calendar system, and for keeping track of the passage of the seasons.

This work covers a brief history of the Mansions, the different manuscripts available today, and finally a summation of all the Mansions characteristics. From a ritual perspective detailed instructions are give on how to create the Mansion Talismans.

In this work by Peter Hilton, he explores the magickal use of the Moon Mansion Talismans.


1.0 Introduction ( Mansions of the Moon)
2.0 Works relating to the Mansions of the Moon
3.0 The Mansions from the Perspective of Different Practitioners
4.0 The Mansions of the Moon, Planetary Placements
5.0 The Mansions of the Moon, Comparison of Mansion Names
6.0 The Mansions of the Moon - Their Image Comparison
7.0 The Mansions of the Moon and their Angel Names and Planets
8.0 The Mansions of the Moon and their Virtues according Modern Interpretation
9.0 The Mansions of the Moon and their Spirits
10.0 Mansions and Character
11.0 The Mansions of the Moon, Creating the Talismans

Peter Hilton



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