The Book of the Angelic Cross

The rituals described in this work are so basic and simple, that you may feel they are ineffective. However, this is far from the truth, they are some of the very first spells taught to primitive mankind by the archangels. Before we move on let me clarify the word "Spell" as over the years it has attracted many negative contestations. Spell by definition is, a charm consisting of words, and a possibly a diagram of some occult power. The word 'occult' is given as, 'hidden" invisible, secret or unknown', and the word has all those meanings, for the magical lore the Angels once taught had to be given selectively to those who could comprehend and practice this ancient art.

The few initiates, who knew the location of the records and where, and what was in them, were bound to 'secrecy', and, in time, the very existence of these ancient records were forgotten, their valuable information became 'unknown. From practicing adepts these lost secrets are  being re-discover, so the angelic  tradition is maintained  

From this book you will construct a very powerful Angelic Talismans, which may be used in your archangel rituals, or as a means of performing some quick and simple spells. You will learn about the gemstones of the archangels, the ritual use of the Cross of the Archangels, and the relationship to karmic debt, the traditional elements of Earth, Air. Fire and Water and their relationship to the archangels and the Rivers of Eden.

" O welcome, pure-eyed Faith, white-handed Hope,
Thou hovering angel, girt with golden wings!"

John Milton, Comus
eBook Chapters:

1. The Cross of the Archangels
2. Making the Cross of the Archangels
3. Enochian Script
4. Angelic Rulerships
5. The Stones or Gems of Power
6. The Spells of the Angelic Cross
7. Karmic Debt.
8. Fixed Stars
9. Archangels, the Rivers and the Traditional Elements

The cross is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of symbols, and is much older and pre-dates Christianity, and its use of the crucifix. The crossed beams of the cross may artistically represent togetherness and parallel efforts. However, two lines perpendicularly crossed at their centres represent conflict at their crossing. This fits our Angelic philosophy, the togetherness of the practitioners and his or her Archangel. The efforts the practitioners will expend for gains granted through the archangels, and the conflict "crossing" is the area that the practitioner wishes angelic assistance to reduce or eliminate.

James Simpson
Updated November 2022. Image updated, legal update, formatting and text updates.


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