The Book of Angelic Reflections

In this ebook you will learn how to develop your clairvoyant powers by the use of " The Mirror of the Archangels." Here you will gain valuable experience gathering the necessary items, producing necessary talismans and finally, using the Magick Mirror.

Magick Mirrors have a long history in occult studies, as does the practice of scrying.

Did you know that?

  • - Mirrors that are fogged or steamed up can manifest messages from occult entities.

  • - Mirrors are believed to be, by some practitioners, ‘windows’ to other realities.

  • - A mirror message may manifests all at once. For example, a symbol may appear instantly, not slowly manifest in parts.

  • - Of the many occult portals we have in our homes a mirror is the most powerful.

  • - Messages can be clearly visible - and may be in picture or symbol form, rather than in written text.

    You will learn the Magickal use of Mirrors through the ages. The Mirror and the Moon, Preparing your Mirror, Contacting the Archangels by using the power of the Mirror and Mirror Spells that you can use to archive your personal aims.

  • Therefore Magick Mirrors, enable, it is said, to see the present, the past and the future.  They are of great variety, and of great antiquity. And this is the opportunity for you to delve into their mysteries.
Peter Howard
Updated March 2021. Legal, formatting and text updates.


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