The Book of Numbers

The Book of Numbers introduces to the reader Chaldean Numerology, the numerology of the Tarot and the sacred numbers which relate to the archangels. Numbers or the powers of these numbers has been used as a method of divination throughout the history of the world.  In recent years the power of numbers has been re-discovered, and numerology has grown to great dimensions. Modern numerology is based upon the Arabian system of numbers, not the Number System of the Ancients, called Magical Numbers or Chaldean Numbers, which is the method you will be introduced to in this eBook.

The difference between the modern system, which we will refer to as Pythagorean Numerology, and the occult system of Magical Numbers, is that the latter, according to many practitioners, is more correct, far more useful for divination, and is one of the many secrets of the Pauline Art. This system is usually referred to as the Chaldean Alphabet.

According to Henry Cornelius Agrippa, numbers are endowed with great and sublime virtues, and that all things are, and are made, subsist by, and receive their virtue from numbers. For time consists of numbers. He says;

"Harmony also, and voices have their power by, and consist of numbers and their proportions,
and the proportions arising from numbers, do by lines, and points make characters,
and figures: and these are proper to magical operations, the middle which is betwixt both
being appropriated by declining to the extremes, as in the use of letters." - Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy (Book II, Part I, Chapter II of Numbers, and their power, and virtue).

Here you will learn about the Chaldean Alphabet, how to find your Magickal Numbers, (Birth, Magickal Name and Karmic), The relationship to your Sun and Moon Archangels, and how to integrate "The Passing the Rivers Script" into your number rituals.

"Angels can fly directly into the heart of the matter."

Author Unknown

Chapters include:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Finding your Numbers
3.0 What do these Numbers mean?
4.0 Life Path Number
5.0 Magickal Name
6.0 Karmic Numbers
7.0 What else can numbers indicate?
8.0 Sun and Moon Archangels
9.0 Angelic Assistance
10.0 Lunar Cycle
11.0 Passing the Rivers Script
12.0 Lucky Numbers

Many esoteric traditions use the inherent power of the Moon, and/or the Moons phases to add power to invocational rituals, and this work is no exception. The reason is simple the invocational power is focused through the cycles of the Moon, for it has been long known that Moons phases have an influence on many aspects of our lives.

Updated November 2022. Legal, Formatting and text updates.

Enjoy your studies.

James Simpson



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