The Book of Angelic Sigils

The Book of Angelic Sigils (13th Book in the initiation path series). Takes the reader through the angelic rituals that can be performed to generate an Angelic Sigil. The word ‘Sigil’ being derived from the Latin, siginum, meaning a sign, and is also the root of sigillum, or a little seal. In Hebrew degulah which has the meaning; "word, action, or item of spiritual effect".

Signs and symbols (and therefore Sigils) came long before magical scripts or intricate talismans and tablets, for at the beginning of human time; mankind could not read or write, and therefore had to communicate with each other by some other written/sketched method that even the simplest of minds could understand, as illustrated in cave drawings.

For this reason the angels taught man the basic shapes of Creation and by using these shapes in nature, man could see, and giving to each shape (or symbol) a definite meaning, explaining in simple words why that symbol was used to express a given idea. This powerful thought form is then received by the archangel(s), through the association with the initial Sigil, and the archange; will assist in successful completion of the request.

This eBook covers the basics of Sigilization, the influence of the Moon, Days and Hours. You will be instructed in the creation of your own Sigils, the use of incense and ways of enhancing your Sigil Rituals. A practical eBook, for the novice or experienced practitioner. This eBook guides you through the practical requirement of Angelic Sigilization, it does not bog the reader down with the philosophy of psychology of Sigilization. This is a pure hands-on practical eBook.

"An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision.

St Thomas Aquinas

Chapters include:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Basics of Angelic Sigilization
3.0 The Malachim Script
4.0 Angelic Rulerships
5.0 The Magic of the Moon
6.0 Days and Hours
7.0 Archangel Sigils
8.0 Creating Invoking Sigils
9.0 Magickal Incense
10.0 Enhancing your Sigilization
11.0 Magickal ethics

These powerful thought forms are received by the archangels, through the association with the initial Angelic Sigil, who will assist in successful completion of the request. Enjoy

James Simpson
June 2022.


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