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Free Update Policy - Updated April 2020 - Please Read

We are the only publishing company that offers FREE eBook updates for 12 months from date of pof your urchase. If an eBook is updated in content (not cosmetic) in anyway, you will be supplied with that updated entire eBook for Free, but only if you purchased it within 12 months of the re-publication (update) date. This applies, from May 2018 to all our eBooks (excluding those which maybe indicated below).

You asked we listerned!

Note: This offer does not applied to Information Booklets, Re-Publication eBooks or eBooks obtained through Special Offers. Due to the complexity, and in some situations our notifications being ignored, we are stopping automatic notification of eBook updates. For those that still wish to obtain updates please refer to our monthy update page or the eBook page to see if any updates have been actioned. If so drop us an email, and we will check the validity of the request. If you do not fall within the conditions indiated we will ignore your request. Those that do comply we will not notify you and organise a download link. So, please note that this email notification service has now been stopped and customers must notify us if they want the update. Just keep an eye on our News Page for the latest updates . You will still have to give us approval to send you the free updates, so please register by clicking the link below.


The new EU Regulations indicate that we need your approval to contact you in the future, and therefore for you to receive this Free eBook notification we are required to have your permission to email you the latest update download notification. If you do not agree, and therefore do not receive your notice of approval, we are NOT allowed by LAW to send your the Free update!

Sorry but we have removed the registration form, as it was being abused by spammers. You can still register for free updates, just sent us a email with your consent. Click here

The Managing Director
Archan - The Publisher

Updated July 2020.