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Condition of Sales: "The Books of the Archangels" & All Other Path eBooks &

Informational eBooklets

The eBooks of the Archangels, and Path Initiation Books have been designed to be "Stand-Alone eBooks" purchase or they may be collated as part of a full Angelic Magickal Grimoire. The eBooks are designed around the practical application of the secrets of the archangels, yes a brief history of the particular practice is discussed but you should remember these are not coffee-table books, but practical working books on the celestial art. So students can progress rapidly to initiation.

In order to achieve this, standard information which is applicable to all archangels or Path Books is repeated in each eBooks as required. As an example, the background to the Pauline Art, Lunar Phases contain the same information in each eBook . Other chapters in the eBooks may follow similar themes, but are relevant only to that particular archangel, and therefore these Chapters contain unique archangel information. So please be aware that if you purchase each eBook in the series there will be some duplication of general information. But we can guarantee you that the information for each archangel is unique to that archangel.

So you see we have catered for the one-off customer and those customers who wish to build a complete Magical Grimoire of Angelic lore.

Finally all our eBooks are published in Adobe pdf format and written for the Northern Hemisphere. Southern Hemispheres students are reminded to convert data as necessary to suit their location, where necessary.


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Please enjoy our eBooks.

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