The Book of Angelic Celebrations

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In Islam, the magickal evocation of angels was not performed often. It was explained to students that the angels reside in the sphere of God’s presence. By summoning them necessarily to our level for a one-to-one communication would discomfort them and distract them from their duties. This is why magical evocation or calling down an angel was done only in three circumstances:

  1. to enter into a covenant for aid and assistance.
  2. to ask them to assist in extracting obedience from a more physical spirit.
  3. to ask them to assist in something or answer a question that is of grave urgency and beyond the scope of terrestrial spirits.

This Informational eBooklet has been produced so the students of the angelic art my honour the archangels.To assist with comprehension of the archangels powers and alignments, I have addressed each archangel separately. Please note that although traditionally there are only Seven Planetary Archangels, excluding the Throne Archangel Uriel. For those that claim the Archangel Asariel and Archangel Azariel as their birth archangels (non-traditional archangels) I have also included details for these archangels also.

You will be introduced to the archangels background, the mundane areas he governes and his rulerships. Negative aspects, celebration period and his correspondances. I prayer to the archangel has also been included.

I hope you enjoy this Informational eBooklet.

Angelus Veneficus
March 2022



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