The Book of Flowers and Stones

The Book of Flowers and Stones. This delightful book is an ideal stand-alone working with plants, herbs, incense and oils and also as a valuable angelic reference text. Covering only those plants. herbs and and stones, that are aligned to the archangels thus eliminating the need to search through multiple listing of plants to find the correct one for your needs for a particular archangel incense or oil. Instruction on how to establish your own angelic garden, which is aligned to your Guardian Angels, by the use of plants, stones images, and the inclusion of traditional elements. How to make powerful Angelic incense and oils, special planetary incense for general use. A complete woks covering the angelic art.

A complete natural magick book that will help you to align with the angelic natural forces
. You do not have to practive magick to appreciate this eBook it is of value to the gardener who may wish to make his or her garden more spiritual, and aligned to natural forces.

Third Edition (May 2022)

Conditions, formatting and text updates.


Frater El


“God will reward you,' he said. 'You must be an angel since you care for flowers.”
Victor Hugo


Editors Introduction
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Garden of the Angels
Chapter 3 The Moon and the Garden
Chapter 4 Power of Colour
Chapter 5 Flora of the Planets
Chapter 6 The Traditional Elements
Chapter 7 Angelic Plants
Chapter 8 Images & Symbols
Chapter 9 Garden of the Archangel
Chapter 10 Fruits of the Garden
Chapter 11 Angelic Stones, Gems & Metals
Chapter 12 Angelic Oils
Chapter 13 Angelic Incense
Chapter 14 Resins and Balsams
Chapter 15 Essential Oils
Chapter 16 Specialised Incense
Chapter 17 Roses of the Pauline Art
Chapter 18 Candle Dressing Oil


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