The Book of Spirits - Concerning the Magick of the Planetary Olympic Spirits.

It may seem strange that this Path Book is dealing with the Planetary Olympic Spirits. Well not so, as the Spirits are under the domain of the Planetary Archangels, and therefore they may be evoked through the archangels.

The Arbatel of Magick, published at Basle in 1575 and translated by Robert Turner, 1655, was originally written in Latin and believed to be of Christian origin, produced in Italy by an unknown author, and is one of the lesser known Grimoires of Magick.

The Arbatel of Magick writes of the Olympian spirits: "They are called Olympick spirits, which do inhabit in the firmament, and in the stars of the firmament: and the office of these spirits is to declare destinies, and to administer fatal Charms, so far forth as God pleaseth to permit them." The interesting fact is that the Arbatel introduces for the first time the concept of Olympic Spirits who had never previously been mentioned in other Grimoire up to that date.

The Olympic Spirits who under God, presides over the natural world. There are seven chief Olympic spirits, each corresponding one each of the planets of our solar system, and having under them a certain number of provinces being 196 in number which using the principle of numerology equals 7 ( 7 Olympic Spirits, 7 Planets). We are also informed that Aratron has 49 provinces; Bethor, 42; Phaleg 35; Och, 28; Hagith, 21; Ophiel, 14; and Phul, 7. Each of the Olympic spirits rules alternately for 490 years.

By applying these calculations the book informs us that Bethor ruled from 60bc to 430ad, Phaleg ruled until 920ad, then Och until 1410, Haggith ruled until 1900. Therefore, the current ruler is Ophiel.

This work introduces the reader to the Magick of the Olympic Spirit, who are under the domain of the Archangels and gives simple but effective ritual to perform to attract the powers of the Spirits.

" The wings of angels are hope and faith."

Omar M Al-aqeel,


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Olympic Spirits their Powers and their Sigils
Chapter 3 The Sigils of the Olympic Spirits
Chapter 4 Incense of the Spirits (including stone, flowers etc.)
Chapter 5 Elemental References
Chapter 6 The Lunar Cycle
Chapter 7 Planetary Hours
Chapter 8 Further Correspondences
Chapter 9 Grimoire Invocation
Chapter 10 Olympick Spirit and Archangel Ritual
Chapter 11 The Seal of Creation (Secrets) of the World
Chapter 12 The Seal of Creation of the World Ritual
Chapter 13 Meditation on the Seal of Creation of the World
Chapter 14 What you can ask of the Spirits
Chapter 15 Arbatel of Magic – Reproduction of Original Grimoire

James Simpson

April 2021

In this 3rd Edition - Legal conditions updated. Minor corrections, new Spirit images, addition of geometric symbol reference, added clarity to rituals. Following further studies, I have established that the Seals from The Secret Grimoire of Turiel are not required when working with the Olympic Spirits, and some readers found their inclusion was a little confusing.  Although they do not hinder the ritual, why use them if they add not powers to the rite? I have also added the original grimoire ritual for those that wish to follow its tradition. Finally, the fact is this simple update exercise has turned into a full-blown rewrite of the grimoire requirements and rituals.

Seal of the Creation of the World.


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