Helping Us to Helping You - Volunteers Please only 5



We have now formulated the structure of the Self-Study Modules which we plan to offer in the near future. But before we officially launch the new service we wish to test it on five volunteers!!!!

So on a first come first served basis we would like to offer the first module ( Probationer Grade 0=0 )
Introduction to Angelic Magick, Birth Archangels (1) Sun and (2) Moon, and The Book of Flowers and Stones. entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

There are only a few conditions that each applicant must adhere to:

* We reserve the right to select the 5 participants based on t heir application, and our decision is FINAL.

* Each volunteer must not have purchased any of our eBooks in the past.

* For each study objective the volunteer must give full and honest feedback on the experience.

* For the total module each volunteer must give an honest opinion on value for money and Archan Publishing service.

* Each volunteer must have an honest interest in angelic magick, and their occult exeriences explained in their email application, together with a motivation on why they should be selected.

* The successfull aplicant agrees to have their name, background, location, and module feedback published on Archan Publishing if required for marketing purposes. (no contact information will be published)

* Only the successfull 5 volunteers will be contacted by email of their successfull application, on the 17th Decmber 2016

Finally, this exercise will be a simulation of the actual purchase process, starting from initial purchase action. The only difference is that the volunteers will not have to pay a penny and their first module instructions which will be delivered by email instead of a download link. All module material will be in English

This offer, can be withdrawn at any time, but will officially close one month from the 16th November 2016.

If you would like to apply as a volunteer , pre-register for any published the study module in the future, or just offer you support , drop us an email.

archan-publishing @ (no spaces between the @ symbol)

I look forward to hearing from you.


The Managing Director - Archan Publishing