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There are times when practicing the magickal arts that you may be unsure of certain instruction/facts/advise etc. As practicng magicians we are here to help. But only from the tradition of the Angelic Art.

This is a free service where we will try to answer your queries for things that may be bothering you or you need clarity ,or assurance ,or further advice on any of our published eBooks. We cannot offer full instruction in extensive magickal methods but will try to give you advice which is clear and practical. There are only a few conditions to this service please read below. Managing Director
June 2022


Please Read Very Carefully - Terms and Conditions of using this service. - Also refer to our General terms and Conditions - Click here

1. You queries must cover our publications, or the Angelic Art in general.

2. Archan cannot be held responsible for any advice given. You accept any advice with the understanding that it is used entirely at your own risk. Readers who choose to ignore this warning and accept the advice does so entirely at your own risk. Be aware that there may potential risks, physical, mental or psychological, involved in practicing magickal activities. The author of the advice and Archan shall have no liability nor responsibility with respect to any loss, or damage, physicalor psychological effects, alleged to be caused by following any of the advise given. The information shall only be used for research, study purposes , and again remember, at your own risk!