Republication of Classic Text

The Heptameron or Magical Elements.

This manuscript was reproduced from the English translation by Robert Turner. Published in 1655, and appeared in a collection of esoteric texts with Agrippa's Fourth Book.  The earliest know version was published in 1496, its attribution to Peter de Abano the Physician (1250-1316) cannot however be authenticated. Pietro d'Abano also known as Petrus De Apono or was an Italian philosopher, astrologer and professor of medicine He was eventually accused of heresy and atheism, and came before the Inquisition. He died in prison in 1315 before the end of his trial.

The Heptameron ("seven days") details rites for conjuring angels for the seven days of the week. It appears to be based on the texts of the Solomon cycle, which appears in the Hebrew Key of Solomon under the title the Book of Light, but without the Christian elements.