Republication of Classic Text

Elaphis Levi - The Conjuration of the Four Elements.

For as long a Man has tried to control his environment, the magicians of long ago, and even today, attempt to control the four natural powers of the traditional elements. The four refer to Fire, Air, Earth, and Water, and it is the aim of the magician to align him or herself with the individual elemental powers. To feel these energies, understand them, and request their assistance.

Eliphas Levi, real name Abbé Louis Constant, (1810-1875), was a French occultist,  ceremonial magician, and former Catholic Deacon.  Born on the 8th February 1810, in Paris, France, to a shoemaker. His baptismal name given was Alphonse Louis Constant. Once Levi started to write his works on Magick he adopted the Jewish pseudonym of Eliphas Levi, this being his own translation of his birth name into the ancient language of Hebrew.

This work on the rituals of the Elemental Spirits is a classic in the history of Magick manuscripts. Much of the information it contains has been widely adopted by other Magickal Traditions. This is a practical book, not a work of philosophy. Archan Publishing has also release The Book of Angelic Elements as a companion to the work by Levi.