Republication of Classic Text

The Arbatel of Magick.

The Arbatel of Magick, published at Basle in 1575 and translated by Robert Turner, 1655, originally written in Latin and believed to be of Christian origin being produced in Italy by an unknown author, and is one of the lesser known Grimoires of Magick.

The Arbatel of Magick writes of the Olympian spirits: "They are called Olympick Spirits, which do inhabit in the firmament, and in the stars of the firmament: and the office of these spirits is to declare Destinies, and to administer fatal Charms, so far forth as God pleaseth to permit them".

The interesting fact is that the Arbatel introduces for the first time the concept of Olympic Spirits who had never previously been mentioned in other Grimoire up to that date. The Olympic Spirits who under God, presides over the natural world. There are seven chief Olympic spirits, each corresponding one each of the planets of our solar system, and having under them a certain number of provinces being 196 in number which using the principle of numerology equals 7 ( 7 Olympic Spirits, 7 Planets). We are also informed that Aratron has 49 provinces; Bethor, 42; Phaleg 35; Och, 28; Hagith, 21; Ophiel, 14; and Phul, 7. Each of the Olympic spirits rules alternately for 490 years.

This publication has retained much of the original manuscript wording, however, much Olde English wording has been updated, providing it did not conflict with the texts understanding. Certain errors and explanations have been included as necessary. The entire text has been reformatted so the wording flows naturally.

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