Republication of Classic Text

Little Albert - Le Petit Albert.

This Grimoire, the book or Petit Albert or Little Albert, is a collection of magical knowledge or as commonly called a book of household magic. Le Petit Albert was first published in Lyons, France in 1668. It is quite distinct from the Grand Albert, and equally unlikely to have been the work of Albert Le Grand. Also the authorship has been attributed to St. Albertus Magnus.

The work is curious mixture of esoteric knowledge, herbal formulas, and talisman creations. It appears that some of the magickal recipes were copied from the work of the Italian philosopher Girolamo Cardano's De Subtilitate of 1552, and Giacomo della Porta's Magia naturalis of 1598. There are also elemental references attributed to Paracelsuc, (born Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, 1493 who was a German-Swiss Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist.

Much of the work is based on impractical occult and in some ways dangerous methods, however,
The book appeared during the age of "enlightenment" and was prizes across France for its magical knowledge, which also included the secrets of making perfumes, powder of sympathy, catching fish, healing charms, artificial gold, and making the infamous "Hand of Glory" which bestowed the power of invisibility on its owner.

The are many copies of the manuscript to be found, mainly in French, but an authenticated first edition is very rare.

I have tried to stay faithful to the manuscripts I have used to produce this work, however direct translation results in meaningless text, so my interpretation of the text has been substituted in numerous places. Where I could not find a direct translation, I have just added a question mark. Also the original manuscript does appear incomplete in a number of places. Also of the four manuscript version I have used, between then chapters have been mixed, or relocated within the manuscript.

Finally, please treat the warning above with utmost seriousness. It is not recommended that you try to copy any of the charms, spells or potions contain in the works. You have been warned

This is also a VERY LARGE FILE!