The Occult General

Calculating Ritual Elections,
The Astrological rules for Successful Ritual Magick

This eBook is not concerned with Electoral Astrology per say, but the astrological aspects that should be considered when performing Magickal Rituals, Talismanic Magick, or Astrological Magick. It is also not concerned with the actual performance of the Ritual or the creation of a particular Talisman, but the most propitious time to perform the Ritual or create the Talisman. In effect this eBook is concerned with the instructions for performing Magickal operations as indicated in many of the Medieval Grimoires, and hopefully I will have clarified and simplified these methods.

So what is this work about? Well I am not proficient in Astrology, first point. Secondly, I have always found it confusing when reading the ancient Grimoires when searching for the most auspicious time to perform a particular rite, or create a particular Talisman, and finally I have no aptitude in interpreting astrological charts. So I decided to try to simplify it all for me (and now you). So here is my offering, I hope it will help you to make sense of any Astrological requirements you may come across in your path working. To stay true to Medieval Astrology I have extensively use the Grimoires of Agrippa, and King Solomon, to name just two.

I have also included information on the power of your Natal Sun and Natal Moon, when aligned to the New Moon phases and how this may assist your ritual Magick operations.

Finally, as I do not own any particular Astrological software, except “Freeware” I have listed software which is available, both online and computer, which you should also find of help.

Peter Hilton