The Angelic Art

The Book of Magickal Potions, Oils and Incense

Magick potions have been a part of witchcraft lore for hundreds of years. Cast your mind back to the fairytales  in which the old, witch who is shown mixing a boiling magick potion in a bubbling cauldrons, chanting incantations who summon the spirits to help and imbue the potion with magickal powers. It appears today that potions have fallen out of favor, and some even believe that potions are a part of the dark arts and therefore are "evil" in some way.

Herbs, their uses and inherent powers have always interested the occultist, one who recognizes in them nature's way of promoting health and curing disease. In the work I present potions to cover love, health, wealth etc. Also oils and incense you can compound to achieve specfic ends.

I detail with general magickal oils and salves which may be used in your rituals, the oils etc. listed have no apparent magickal intention other than preparing you for inner workings such as invocations and the creation of talismans.

Adrian Jones

May 2017

It is important to note that many of the listed potions may have an effect on you, or your health and therefore you are cautioned if you wish to prepare and use any of the potions.


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