The Occult General

The Book of Magickal Alphabets.

Anyone who has studied the Magickal Arts will be familiar with some or all of the Alphabets or Scripts contained in the book. Probably the most commonly used Magickal Script is the Theban Script of which you will learn more of later. Working on many Scripts requires added care and concentration, which means added Magickal force to your rituals and invocations, but the same also, applies to the spoken word. Ancient religions made their prayers (or invocations) in other languages than the one they used for daily life, because it means that the orator needs to think carefully, and this mental concentration adds force, to their prayers or invocations.  But sometimes, when we want to pray quietly, a written invocation is better. At other times we feel the need of words, for words have power.

This book cover 23 magickal alphabets, scripts and cipher which yuu can use to perform simple spells. You will also be introduced to simple talisman/pentacle creation and also the Art of Sigilization.

Finally, how to magickal consecrate your talismans and much much more.

Thomas Jones