The Occult General Informational eBooklets

The Magick of the Hebrew Alphabet

The aim of this eBbooklet is to help all students who want to learn how to draw, and recognize the Hebrew letters and also to understand their inherent magickal power, which may be used by us all, that is if we know how. It this work I will show you how!.

The Western Magickal Tradition has consolidated many diverse strands of thought and symbolism. However one of the greatest contributors to the tradition is the Judaic traditions which are the basic cornerstones of medieval magickal knowledge. It is not only the study of the Kabbalah, that requires some knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and preferably of Hebrew itself, but also those that wish to practice talismanic magick. For those that take the challenge of studying the Hebrew alphabet and its power, their efforts will be rewarded tenfold.

Hebrew letters have always been regarded as possessing magickal power by the Jews, and Hebrew is the paramount language that is used in the Kabbalistic philosophy being created from this basic belief. So in the Jewish tradition each Hebrew letter has celestial power, and forms the very backbone of the ‘Pentacles of Solomon’.  Many of the original Grimoires on the magical arts were written in Hebrew or Aramaic, which both have the same alphabet construction consisting of twenty-two letters.  So the relationship between the Hebrew alphabet, language, Holy Scriptures, theology, theosophy, metaphysics, and magic were tightly bonded to create a unique system of occult symbolism and power. Some adepts of the Western Tradition firmly believe that no talisman, written request to the higher Spirits, will achieve its full potential unless it is completed in Hebrew!

The basic shape of each of the 22 letters is Yod. All others derive from it and serious students will
understand the profound import of this simple fact. This work places immense power in you hand which may be used in your future mediations, rituals and the creation of talismans and amulets.

You will learn:






This is essential reading for all students of the Magickal Art

Stephen Jones
November 2016


The Book of Angelic Stones and Gems

Gemstones have spiritual or occult qualities that can be transferred to an individual who possesses it. In Jewish culture 12 gems could be found on the breastplate of the high priest. Each stone represented one of the 12 tribes of Israel. In early Christianity gemstones were associated with the 12 apostles of Christ. In the book of Revelations twelve stones are once again mentioned as the foundation stones of the wall of New Jerusalem.  The lore surrounding gemstones spread to all magickal traditions; Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Germanic cultures. Each culture have their own viewpoint about how gemstones and how they related to heavenly and earthly matters.

This Informational eBooklet deals entirely with the gemstones of the Archangels. It details the correct stones for each archangel, how they are concecrated and gharged with angelic power. There uses in ritual and how the may be used for self-protection again negative vibrations.

The wisest men on Earth were the Brahmins. Who gave Appollonius seven rings, telling him to wear each rings, in which was set a stone of each of the planets, and that he should wear them in turn on the appropriate day of the week. These rings are also addressed.

As simple eBooklet, but one you may wish to add to your collection.

Tom Long
May 2016