The Books of Solomon - Ars Almadel

My fourth Book of Solomon in a series - The Almadel is a small wax magical altar with roots in Ancient Jewish and Arabian Magick, used to invoke and communicate with a specific group of angels with a crystal ball. The Almadel consists of a square plate of wax engraved with magical names and characters, which rests upon four candles constructed with special feet for suspending the plate in the air. The plate has holes in the corners, and mastic incense is burned beneath it so that the smoke flows through the holes and the angel descends.

As with the other Books of Solomon in this series I have, for those that may wish to advance further in the Ars Almadel system, present a clearer understanding of how the rituals should be undertakem, and possible refinements.

This important Grimoire, the Lesser Key of Solomon (Clavicula Salomonis Regis) is an anonymous Grimoire on demonology. Compiled in the mid-17th century, mostly from the material contained in a number of older manuscripts. The original Grimoire is divided into five books; the, 1 Ars Goetia, 2 Theurgia-Goetia3 Ars Paulina4 Ars Almadel, and 5 Ars Notoria. The work contains all the Names, Offices, and Orders of all the Spirits that ever he (Solomon) had converse with, with the Seals and Characters to each Spirit and the manner of calling them forth to visible appearance.

(4) THE FOURTH PART of this Book is called ALMADEL or SOLOMON, which contains those Spirits which govern the Four Altitudes, or the 360 Degrees of the Zodiac.

Chapter 1 Introduction - CLAVICULA SALOMONIS REGIS
Chapter 2 The Ars Almadel.
Chapter 3 The Times for Invoking the Angels.
Chapter 4 The Invocation of the Angels.
Chapter 5 Astrological Considerations.
Chapter 6 Powers of the Astrological Signs.
Chapter 7 Ritual Considerations .

Adrian Smith.

November 2019


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