The Book of the Altar

The altar plays a central role in the celebration of many religious ceremonies. Offering to the deity may be placed on the altar, and ritual items may be consecrated and place on the altar. Therefore, altars occupy a prominent place in most temples and churches.

The word "altar" in Christian scripture means a place of slaughter and sacrifice, for it symbolised acknowledgement of, approach to, and the appreciation of God, in other words "worship or praise". The word altar first occurs in Genesis 8.20-22, where Noah sacrificed "clean" animals as burnt offerings to express his worship and a "sweet savour" arose to God. It was believed that altars had to be unpretentious and unembellished by human workmanship, but marked by utter simplicity to facilitate and encourage men to seek God (Ex 20.25; Acts 17.25; Ps 65.4). Later altars held tabernacles  which had to be constructed strictly according to divine design, such as the legendary Solomons Temple.

I will show you how to create an altar in any room in your home. You can create a spiritual sanctuary, and intimate retreat from the mundane world. Evan an area in which you can explore your creativity, be spontaneous, or indulge your senses. You can also follow you thoughts.

In this work I cover the following:

1. Introduction to Altars
2. Biblical Altars
3. Church Altars
4. Natural Altars
5. Temple or Personal Altars
6. Commencing Your Creation
7. Portable Altars
8. Dedicated Altars or Shrines
9. Altar Rituals
10. Ars Almadel11.
Enochian Holy Table

I hope you enjoy my eBook - Charles Huston
July 2022


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