The Book of Light - The Heptameron a New Approach.

Why a New Approach? Simply I feel that the Heptameron is a little too complicated for todays magician and that the actual original grimoire may be interpreted from a new angle more suited to today's life and requirements.
My philosophy is that magick, all magick, should be simply to practice and more importantly understand. The power of the ritual comes from the intent of the student, and providing the power raising elements are retained, even in a simplified form, nothing on earth will stop the generation of power, even though it may take a little longer to achieved the magicians ends.

What The Book of Light (instead of the Heptameron)? Was first detailed in the Hebrew Key of Solomon (Mafteah Shelomoh) under the title The Book of Light the rituals of the Heptameron are described and it is said that these formed one of the chief sources for the Lemegeton.

Next, many practitioners of the angelic art are concerned about the number of Demonic Angels (Spirits) which are summoned in the original manuscript. These have been identified and replaced with known angels of God and therefore the ritual is safer to practice.

Lastly, the complications contained in the original grimoire nstructions are too far out of step with todays world and these requirements have been reviewed, revised or removed as necessary without altering the intention of the rituals.

The revision give the pratitioner detailed instruction for creating a Talisman of Light, a tool to contact the angels of God. This is not a re-hash of the orginal manuscriot but a new approach to the ancient rituals. This new eBook contains:

Introduction by the Editor.
Chapter 1 - The Analysis of Evil.
Chapter 2. - The Magickal Pentacle and Ritual Water & Incense.
Chapter 3. - The Heptameron: of the circle (talisman), and the composition thereof (edited).
Chapter 4. – The Ritual of the Talisman of Light.
Chapter 5. - Summary of the Angels Ritual Requirements.                                                  

Richard Canning
Updated December 2022.Legal conditions, formatting and text updates.


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