The Book of the Demons of the Shem-Hamephorash - A Modern Demonolatry

The word demon comes from the Greek daimon. For the Greeks believed everyone possessed a personal daimōn that would guide, motivate, and inspire them. Numerous people today look to their guardian angels for that support. Daemonolators turn to their own deities or demons for the same reason.

Those wishing to research the demonic “pantheon” will find it as diverse as any other group of Gods. They will find love, fertility, wisdom, and prosperity demons just as easily as they will discover demons who oversee war, sickness, revenge, or cruelty. Like most beings, demons appreciate loyalty, honour, and respect. Therefore, daemonolators believe that demon’s benefit from their offerings, prayers, and other spiritual acts even if they do not require them for survival. If you disrespect a demon naturally you are insulting it and it may respond in kind!

In this extremely brief introduction to demonolatry it is extremely difficult to discuss the entire tradition of the practice, but daemonolators are at pains to point out that they do not work with the demons described in the Bible, even though may worship deities with the same names. Spiritual daemonolatry usually centres on the observance of holy days as well as prayer and meditation. The magickal practices are similar to those of both Wicca and Ceremonial Magick, although daemonolators cast circles to balance the energy raised within, rather than for protection. That said, magick is not a mandatory part of daemonolatry. Those who wish to add spell-work to their practice may do so as they choose, following their own interests and inclinations.

This eBook comes with WARNING. The subject matter deals with the opposite to the Angels of the Shem-Hamephorash, and therefore may offend some of our site visitors as it appears to be a diversion from our usual publishing philosophy. If this is the case, we apologise. However, the path to enlightement may take many turns, and therfore it is always wise to see the the opposite powers that may have an influence upon your path.

Adrian Smith

July 2023


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Demons of the Shem HaMephorash
Chapter 3. Ritual Observations
Chapter 4. Demonic Enn’s
Chapter 5. Demons
Chapter 6. Invoking Demons
Chapter 7. Miscellaneous Information


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