The Book of Constellations

The idea of using the stars for magick and ritual is not new. Medieval texts included details about stars and constellations, and how to determine the optimal time to draw their influence into talismans for spells, healing, and other purposes. A small remnant of this remains today in the use of birthstone jewellery. Unfortunately, beyond recognizing the Big or Little Dippers and maybe Orion's Belt, what star patterns do most of us know? Because of this, we are missing out on some very powerful magick.

Many people understand that you may use the powers of the planets to achieve your goals, also the fixed stars, but few realise that you may also use the 12 most common constellations, and it is this work that I show you how.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 How to find Zodiac Constellations
Chapter 3 The Zodiac and the Constellations
Chapter 4 The Powers of the Constellations
Chapter 5 The Sigils of the Constellations
Chapter 6 Ritual Requirements
Chapter 7 The Constellations and Fixed Stars
Chapter 8 The Ritual of the Constellations
Chapter 9 The Constellations & Fixed Stars Miscellaneous

Charles Huston


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