The Book of Astral Magick.

Astral magick was first practiced by the Mesopotamians, who directed their prayers to the stars and planets. Of the stars that appear in these magical contexts it is not only the planets that are invoked for their influence, but also various fixed stars and the constellations.

Astral Magick is not magick performed on, or related to the so-called Astral Plane, Astral Projection or Travelling, one’s Astral Body or ritual involving either. Astral Magick is bringing down the power of the Stars and Planets into an inanimate object with the intention to change an aspect of one’s life through the celestial or natural powers which are imbued in that inanimate object.

Astral Magick consists of two main activities, the first being the selection of the correct time to perform the particular ritual, i.e. to imbue the object with power, that is to draw down the power. The second is the creation of the sacred image of the power that you would wish to draw down the power into. This may sound simple, but the practice of Astral Magick requires study and dedication on the part of the magician.

This work is not for newcomer to the magickal arts, but for experienced practitioners who understand basic occult concepts. It addresses the powers of the Fixed Stars, and gives a clear example for calculating the correct astrological period to perform the appropriate invocation. So, even if you do not undertstand Astrology, you are given the methodology to complete the appropriate calculations.

Astral Magick, is not used to accomplish a quick fix need, there are other magickal techniques that can accomplish that. Astral Magick is a long-term invocation technique that can assit you with achieving long-term goals.

The new addition includes a recently come to life on the invocation of Lilith through a doll and the use of poppets.

Paul Chiltern
Updated March 2020. Formatting and text updates.


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