The Book of Anima

Formally Titled The Book of Astral Magic.

Anima Magick? Let’s look at each word separately. The term “animated statue” derives from the Latin word “anima,” from which the English “animated” is derived, and can be translated as breath, life, soul or spirit. Magick is an effort to make a change in one’s life by using one’s own personal energy and the energy of surrounding natural elements.

Anima Magick is bringing down the power of the Stars and Planets into an inanimate object to change an aspect of one’s life through the celestial or natural powers which are imbued in that inanimate object. Some may also call this practice idolatry!

Anima Magick consists of two main activities, the first being the selection of the correct time to perform the particular ritual, i.e., to imbue the object with power, that is to draw down the power. The second is the creation of the sacred image of the power that you would wish to draw down the power into.

This may sound simple, but the practice of Anima Magick requires study and dedication on the part of the magician.


Paul Chiltern
March 2023


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