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The Book of the Ladder

Jacob’s ladder is perhaps one of the most well-known, but also most misunderstood, stories in the Bible. To truly understand what Jacob’s ladder means, is not known , but for many it is believed to be a means to communicate with the angels on the ladder, and even directly to the angels in Heaven?

The angels on the ladder are taking petitions to God on behalf of a petitioner and then returning to the petitioners to fulfil the petition. Therefore, the ladder is a focus for ensuring your petitions are received in the celestial realm, also a means of concentrating your thoughts, through visualization and ritual.

Angels, archangels, guardian angels, they are all here to help us advance in life. With their incredible powers you can summon them by praying and using the ladder ritual. You will be introduced to:

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 – The Ladder - A Magickal Tool
Chapter 3 – The Angels of the Ladder
Chapter 4  – The Ladder
Chapter 5  – Ladder Invocation Talisman
Chapter 6  – Moon’s Power
Chapter 7  – Ladder Invocation Preparation
Chapter 8  – Personal Preparation
Chapter 9  – Ladder Invocation Ritual
Chapter 10  – Angelic Gifts
Chapter 11  – Offerings
Chapter 12  – Formulating Your Petitions

Simon Simmons
August 2021


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