The Book of Seven Angelic Seals -
A Course in Talismanic Magick

This work covers the creation of 7 Seals which are aligned to the Seven Planetary Archagels. Michael, Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anal and Cassiel.

This is a step by step course that guides the student through the information needed to be able to create powerful Angelic Seals which may be used to align with your birth archangels. You are instructed in the tools needed, the astrological requirements, and master seals which you should copy, together with the opportunity to add your own personal design elements.

A full consecration ritual is given for the Angelic Seals, and also the means to use the seals as a power point to petition other archangels for help and assistance. The Celestial Script is offered as a means to communicate your petitions, and finally, advice on handling the seals, and other considerations when performing the angelic rituals. The work covers the following chapters:

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Your First Steps
Chapter 3. The Tools You Will Need
Chapter 4. Astrological Considerations
Chapter 5. The Angels
Chapter 6. The Angelic Seals
Chapter 7. The Celestial Script
Chapter 8. Creating the Angelic Seals
Chapter 9. Petition Ritual Using the Angelic Seals
Chapter 10. Using the Angelic Seals & Miscellaneous Information

Charles Huston
December 2020.

2nd Edition (February 2023). Legal conditions and formating updates.


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